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Dec 13, 2022

InnercityGriot, kilozombie, and friend of the podcast Feather join forces to answer a most dubious question: Which Blessing or Will was the most impactful across all 24 seasons of Blaseball? With Blessings like Max Out Hitter, Falling Stars and Underhanded, alongside Wills that grabbed the best players in the league or discarded the worst, competition is fierce. In this episode, the crew finally discuss the snobbish origin story of BACo, throw overdue shade on the Crabs for some reason, and talk about the what-if stories of the Magic and Lovers. Did we miss a Blessing or Will that was even more groundbreaking than those we made our top picks? Or did the BACo crew finally nail it in one shot, no retries, we're good? (Probably not.) Listen and find out!

Naturally, because we had an ICB host on, part of the episode is out of date with the Coldness bounty being claimed by Kidror, thanks Feather!

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