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Nov 28, 2022

A return to our roots, as Kilozombie, Dr. DeeJay PhD and the self proclaimed winner of the hall of fame draft InnercityGriot propose some new player attributes since the sim is being reworked. Complete with blaseball-esque names. Hopefully this is the episode TGB listens to, because wow I want Spitdensity to be real. 

The original Jebidiah Kranch scouting report:

Blaseball for those who are somehow listening to this but do not know what blaseball is:

*Questions of the day*: 
Do you think the final 4 roster spots will be filled by SC Charges?
What fake player attribute do you want to see?

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You can find the BACo team around the Taco Stand:
Look out for kilozombie#7157, InnercityGriot#2859, benjaminrees#1140, theremin#3538, sproutella#3775 and DeeJay#2609