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Nov 21, 2022

Randy Savage voice Okay brother the fellas at BACo did a fantasy draft using only the players in the Hall of Fame, can you dig it, deafhobbit, TUN, InnercityGriot, theremin, kilozombie, and sproutella hit each other with chairs and put the refs in a chokehold for the PLEASURE of being able to draft some of the all-time greats, and also NaN and Chorby Soul. Whose team rose to the top, like the cream? STAY TUNED!

Full draft board:

You can read TUИ excellent GLOATED series here
You can find our guests: deafhobbit#4890 and TUИ#8104

Information about the Hall can be found here:

Find us on Twitter: @BlaseballACo
You can find the BACo team around the Taco Stand:
Look out for kilozombie#7157, InnercityGriot#2859, benjaminrees#1140, theremin#3538, sproutella#3775 and DeeJay#2609