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Oct 31, 2022

The Blaseball Hall of Fame is complete and we have three of the main project volunteers, deafhobbit, TUИ and DeeJay join Benjy to talk about the entire process.

How quickly six months pass. Are we responsible for fall ball starting? Winnie vs Burke again. Aldon vs Winnie somehow? Rule changes. Regrets and surprises. An ode to RAND(). And of course, the Nicolas Cage ranking system which is the fundamental layer of the hall of flame.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY. We discuss the biggest mystery in the hall of fame. WHO IS THE MURRAY PONY VOTER?

You can read TUИ excellent GLOATED series here
You can find our guests: deafhobbit#4890 and TUИ#8104

Perpetual Shoutout to Dargo and Glumbaron!

Information about the Hall can be found here:

Find us on Twitter: @BlaseballACo
You can find the BACo team around the Taco Stand:
Look out for kilozombie#7157, InnercityGriot#2859, benjaminrees#1140, theremin#3538, sproutella#3775 and DeeJay#2609