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Aug 29, 2022

InnercityGriot, KiloZombie and DeeJay cover the MANY HALL OF FAMERS who have appeared on this ballot. WE COVER NINE PLAYERS! There are only 10 votes, and we still have some candidates left over from before. 

York Our Dork, Figueroa vs Figueroa, Yosh, Scratch, Lou, Alston, Howell and Richardson Games!?!

Find out more...

Aug 24, 2022

DeeJay, InnercityGriot and KiloZombie talk about some players. These players are Mcdowell Mason, Jode Preston, Sandie Turner, Paula Reddick, Scores Baserunner, Zesty Yaboi and Peanut Bong. 

Read Fish's wonderful paper here:

Read Sprout's blog here:

Aug 18, 2022

Oh wow... more tacos.

Griot and Kilo on the pod again, trying to answer the newest questions: Why does Orville Manco have great counting stats? Is Uncle Plasma overrated? Is Jenkins Good?

Also, the taco alumni ballot increases with Alejandro Leaf and Basilio Mason joining the ballot



Aug 10, 2022

After a one week siesta, we are back with four inductions and a whole lot of new names. So many new names that they have taken over the BACo Hall of Lame. 

Griot and Kilo try their best to find notable accomplishments for three former tacos in Wyatt Owens, Moses Mason and Wyatt Quitter. The other half of the basura...