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Jul 27, 2022

Joining you after an induction free, week 18, the classic Kilo, Griot, Benjy combination is here to inform you on a large slate of players now on the ballot.

Discipline greats such as Workman Gloom and Randall Marijuana
Pitching greats such as Finn James and Henry Marshallow
And a player who is kinda both in Chorby...

Jul 20, 2022

RAF IN! Congrats to Rafael Davids, Comfort Septemberish and Lowe Forbes on being inducted into the hall of fame.

After last week's bloodbath and a plethora of new names, only eight new players to look at. Another mechanics pitcher, Zoey Kirchner, top idol James Mora and Garages stalwart Oliver Mueller get investigated...

Jul 12, 2022


With a lot of new folks coming in, Benjy and Griot are here to comb through the riff-raff and bring you some of the best pitchers of the league (but not the greatest because that was last week congrats Winnie and Burke).

So many pitchers! Famous Owens, Ronan Jaylee (kinda), Fitzgerald Blackburn (even less...

Jul 6, 2022

Oh wow, a year of BACo! Thank you for listening to BACo

DeeJay, InnercityGriot and KiloZombie dive into the careers of Comfort Septemberish, Eugenia Garbage, Mindy Kugel, Cannonball Sports and Ruslan Greatness before tackling the debate of the week.

Burke Gonzales vs Winnie Hess (They are both HOFers though)