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Jun 28, 2022

Another Taco Alum in the hall with Fish Summer.

After last weeks fairly underwhelming crop of players, InnercityGriot, KiloZombie and Sproutella are here to talk about some excellent players. 

First is the bane of the tacos existence, Houston's ace Alexandria Rosales, who has pitched roughly 142857 games against LA,...

Jun 22, 2022

DeeJay and InnercityGriot on the pod today, so naturally we get distracted talking about Kobe Bryant being overrated. Celebrate Rat Mason's induction and we look at Hot Fish Summer and Stevenson Heat cases for the hall. We also lament the tragic end of Antonio Wallace and Jose Haley's promising careers. 

And finally, we...

Jun 14, 2022

Sproutella, KiloZombie and InnercityGriot come together to talk about week 13 of the Hall of Fame. 


After one lifelong Taco gets inducted in Yummy Elliott, another shows up in our collective favourite player, Rat Mason. 

The creator of spicy milk, Rafael Davids is also discussed and a look at the interesting pitching...

Jun 13, 2022


Episode 4: Evading Legendary Status


Rat at bat! Bat it Rat! Rat hit that. What a bat on that Rat! Applause for Rat! No! Don't steal like that! Kilo, Griot, and Benjy examine the career, history, big moments and terrible baserunning blunders of possibly the greatest Taco of...

Jun 7, 2022

Griot, kilozombie and DeeJay take a look the new class, in particular Rivers Clembons, Gerund Pantheocide and have a chat about how much of a positive career at one position do you need to have to undo your time at the other end.

Also look at Montgomery Bullock and King Weatherman and accidentally get on a tangent to...